Ball Bearings Print Design

Marketing the Maker Spread

There were no good photos for this one, so I was tasked with an illustration. I brainstormed with fellow editors different ideas. I often got suggestions that felt tacky or too hyperbolic. The subjects of the story didn’t do any extreme, forceful marketing, so I wanted to keep it fairly mild but also having contrast between religion and marketing.

We Demand Change Cover

I directed the art of this cover in collaboration with photographer Stephanie Amador.

We Demand Change Center Spread

I tried a few ideas for this one, from cartoon fists to a historical feel. I had to use photos labeled for the public domain, and I brought out the pink and blues but grayscaled the rest. It helps bring unity across three different event photos.

Where We Find Ourselves Center Spread

I played a lot with these eight pages to match the tone of the article. I wanted it to show how the subject’s travels were enjoyable but not completely light-hearted.

Having “The Talk”

I picked up this spread last-minute as we changed directions. There was a lot of text and no photos. It became a challenge to illustrate this potentially awkward subject. Cue the birds and the bees. I focused on an impactful headline design and loved it in print.

The Human Experience Center Spread

This was my biggest design challenge yet. I had to focus on combining this scientific thing of living longer with this sweet profile of a 100-year-old woman. I admit it didn’t instantly click. I did so many redesigns, but it was fun.

Not What the Doctor Ordered

We always end the publication with a fun page of small facts. I wanted to coordinate with the quirky story, so I picked our salmon spot color and started illustrating. There was not enough space for each item to get a large icon, so I combined all of them onto this geometric shelf design.

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